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Terms & Conditions

    1. All orders are considered binding. The customer sending the order confirms that they agree with our trade rules, with the payment options, delivery terms, complaint procedure and agree with a provision for the protection of personal data.
    2. We ask you to indicate in your own interest accurate and truthful information to the order form. Each order is confirmed after sending e-mail message in which you have the last opportunity to check the accuracy of the completed data. If, in order for any reason is an error, please contact us immediately.
    3. If the during executing and sending your order we change the price of our products, the price on the order shall be used, unless there was a mistake on the website from our side and you will be informed.
    4. Seller reserves the right to contact customers by phone to verify or clarify the order, if for example on higher order value, any missing or inaccurate data, etc..

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