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Warning - Jewelery: 
How to deal with complaints 
Assurance can be applied within the statutory period of 24 months from the date of receipt of goods by the buyer. The warranty covers defects in manufacturing or material defect. 
The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper and careless use of such failure to comply with the above recommendations, which may lead to mechanical damage to the jewelry or other type of damage such as chemical. Warranty does not apply to normal wear use of the jewelry because of the use of jewelry itself. 
Your jewellery can be dameged due to chemical substances (human sweat, the influence of the environment, etc.) and sunlight gradually it may change its color. This can avoid any long-term production technology and producers of such claims will not be considered legitimate. 
For any claim, Please Keep proof of purchase, which is bundled with each product. Goods send to the manufacturer or contact the seller and he will help you with complaints. 
Jewellery - jewelry designed to beautify the daily wear, but also extraordinary opportunities. Generally, we recommend not to wear the jewelry when going to sleep. It should also not come into contact with water, which can damage or shorten their life. 
Any complaints will process in accordance with applicable law (Civil Code for individuals, Commercial Code for legal persons). 
To all goods covered by statutory warranty period of 24 months unless otherwise stated on the product. 
The claim for the guarantee may lapse if: 
The product was damaged in transit (Obvious damage to the goods or their packaging must be immediately addressed with the carrier. The customer is obliged to such goods from the carrier, and must assume the evidence of damage immediately notify the seller). 
The product has been damaged by improper installation or handling and service carried out in breach of the user manual (if the product exists). 
The product was used in conditions which did not correspond to the parameters and requirements specified in the documentation (if the product exists). 
The product has been attacked by the elements. 
The product has been damaged by excessive load or use contrary to the conditions specified in the documentation (if the product exists). 
Tell us about the complaint by phone or e-mail. 
Goods should be sent as a registered parcel to the address of the manufacturer. 
To Describe the reason the claim and attach a copy of the tax document. 
Your claim will process as quickly as possible and no later than 30 days from its inception. 
The costs associated with transportation is not refundable.