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It starts in dominating

Few of those who are interested in jewelry and jewelry, grope around at the mention of the name of Daniel Swarovski. Swarovski is the word became synonymous with the jewelry and jewelry of the highest quality. Swarovski Jewelry conquered the world and boasts not only their Hollywodské celebrities, but anyone who has a sense of beautiful things and to whom are jewelry and jewelry nearby.
To the company, in which the menu are jewelry and jewelry has become world famous and desired, but keep a very long way. Let's look together, from the beginning to depend on the long and informative success story jewelry brand Swarovski.
In 1862, in a small village called Jiřetín under Bukovka, not far from Jablonec nad Nisou born Daniel Swarovski. Since childhood is interested in beautiful things, and moreover is extremely handy. Not surprisingly, the Swarovski vyuč art at Pasir Albrechtická firm Gebrüder Feix. At that time there grinding stone jewelry carried by hand, making jewelry and jewelry manufacturers became more expensive and decreased profits. Like today, even if they had jizerští jewelry and jewelry manufacturers face competition at that time mostly importers of jewelry and jewelry from France.
Company representatives decided that the young barely jedenadvacetiletého Swarovski, send to the test in the world. Daniel Swarovski is headed to Vienna, where he was then producing jewelry and jewelry addressed several masters, from which Swarovski quickly borrowed the experience and techniques.
  In Vienna at that time a large technical exhibition, which is Swarovski encounters Krizik, who installed electric lighting. Swarovski is an exhibition inspired and excited by all the acquired knowledge, developed a machine powered by electricity for grinding chatons (glass imitation gem). There is probably hidden somewhere in the real beginning of the brand Swarovski jewelry.
Production starts with
In 1892, the year when he was 30 years old, with Swarovski decided that he let his grinding machine patented. Production starts, but not enough capital. His French customer Armand Kosmann believe his vision and produce the following necessary finance.
However, around Jablonec nad Nisou is a place where jewelry and jewelry produced from time immemorial and there is considerable competition.
Another problem appears to be lack of water resources. Jewelery and jewelry they had to grind on machines powered by electricity produced by a water turbine. River Kamenice But his weak flow generator of electricity could satisfy. This created for the production of jewelery uncomfortable levels.
As interest in jewelry and Swarovski jewelry has been increasing, had little choice but to move production to a more appropriate place. After a brief but thorough survey area, appears Swarovski for its jewelry and jewelry former factory for the production of the city in Tyrol Wattens, near Innsbruck. Immediately building leases and predatory River Inn to build its own water plant.
In 1985, Swarovski is the brother in law here Franz Weis and Armand Kosman start his own venture to produce jewelery and especially thanks šatonům, which are produced in the world very soon prevails, they become the market leader for the jewelery.
Swarovski jewelry and begins to export jewelry to Great Britain, USA and Germany. There are all interested in jewelry brand Swarovski. At that time, Swarovski jewelry due to its location called "Tiroler Ware.
In 1900 the company leased a factory buys. However, there is a problem of addiction, which makes Swarovskému and shareholders concerns. Jewelery Swarovski glass produced from raw material to be imported from Jablonec. Being dependent on suppliers of raw materials are central to any of them do not like. Swarovski has been working on his own glass factory and already in 1913, the firm is completely self-sufficient. That was the production of jewelery involved three sons Daniel Swarovski, Wilhelm, Friedrich and Alfred.
It would seem that the jewelry and Swarovski jewelry before you have no barriers and their star may rise higher and higher. But does the First World War and jewelry and jewelry must give way to military production. Swarovski is withdrawn from the management company.

Ended the First World War and the company Swarovski, producing jewelry and jewelry, expanded its sales activities on grinding wheels to produce jewelry.
Very prudent was the son of Daniel Wilhelm, to pursue the production of optics and magnifying glasses to glasses and telescopes. The company also came with the production of reflectors, known under the brand Swareflex.Až after the Second World War, the Swarovski company could return to full production of jewelry and jewelry.

In 1956 Swarovski is dying and the management is taking his son. He led more than well, because under his leadership the company expanded its portfolio and has grown even the production of crystal chandeliers.
In 1960 the descendants of Armand Kosman company sold its shares in a company to move into the next phase of its existence under the name of D. Swarovski & Co. ".
The company is still dedicated to the development of technology and comes with a new technique, called hot-fix. Jewelery and jewelry are under pressure and at high temperature prepared by injection into a fabric ornaments.
Year 1976, he was not a sign of jewelry and Swarovski jewelry as well as glass figurines, which were due to precision grinding technology sought after commodity trading. Throughout the world, began to appear enthusiastic collectors of glass figurines and was even Collectors Club pieces (Sammler - Club Swarovski (SCS)). Its more than 450 000 members is dispersed to 35 countries.
His first own collection of fashion jewelry company Swarovski introduced in 1977. The central motif of the star. Since then, Swarovski Jewerly marketed their new products twice a year. Swarovski Jewelery so continuously determine the direction of their field.

Comes Rosemarie Le Gallais
In the nineties, the company management is taking the artistic director Rosemarie Le Gallais, who successfully develops its vision use in jewelry and fashion jewelry. Her handwriting is legible close relationship with Lagerfeld, nejuznávanějšímu and perhaps the world's most powerful fashion designer in the late 20th century.
Collaborated with such designers, however, like those of Ron Arad, Ludwig Redl, Alessandro Mendini, Giampiero Maria Bodin, Ettore Sottsass, Borek Sipek, and others. Proposing only to jewelry designers and jewelry, it was also watches, lamps and many other interior accessories.
At that time came, the innovative company with a crystal network, which was a specific fabric, which was produced from metal fibers posetých colored stones. In the early days was used for the production of luxury watch tape, but later this material began to sew clothes, how to balls and social Tea, and at sporting events. Swarovski is also the originator "crystal tattoo, which was a technique in which the crystal gluing the skin.
From the above it is clear that the company Swarovski, we can associate not only with jewelry and jewelry, but also with a variety of fashion accessories.
In 2004 at the Milan Salone del Mobile the company presented a large range of Swarovski crystal chandeliers. Experience with the production of jewelry and imitation jewelry company morphed into the production of chandeliers, which was specific sales of goods that might be called a shining jewel.
Swarovski jewelry can be illuminating to see in various prestigious companies, which need Viennese cafe Atelier, located in the basement of the Albertina gallery. The author placed artwork Hans Hollein.
The auditorium and halls of jewelry and Swarovski jewelry very easily spill over onto the stage. Examples of jewelry and jewelry, made studio Marangonim for the opera singer Maria Callas. It was one around the mid 20th century the greatest soprano of the world. At each performance had jewelry and jewelry, which was designed specifically for her. Jewelery if they were created for Maria Callas. Along with his voice, and will help create the world stage in many halls unique atmosphere Outstanding moment.
What is crystal? - 3 part

  Now it is time for us to specify the term word crystal, from which mostly jewelry and Swarovski jewelry is produced.
Crystal can be double origin. The naturally occurring mineral called mountain crystal (rock crystal). It is valued for its limpid colourlessness, high hardness and purity. Industrial production gained crystal, which is further processed and from which emerged jewelry and jewelry.

It was not possible only when the sklářům managed to make clear glass. Pending before the Murano in Italy sometime in the 16th century happened was glass green tinge, which was responsible for iron oxide in the sands, the production of glass used.
Crystal, who first saw the light in the Murano, was not suitable for engraving or cutting. Due to the chemical composition showed little hardness. David Swarovski owed the opportunity to work with crystal just his Czech ancestors, which in 16 centuries and 17 managed to develop technologies that allow to produce a hard and clear crystal, suitable for further processing.
Research and development for beauty
Production of crystal and jewelry are gradually increased, and not only for us but also Angli or France. Thanks příměsím lead oxide significantly increased its optical properties. Today is requested at least thirty percent representation of vysokoolovnatého lead oxide and lead crystal is six percent less.
Because of what we say will be more apparent why the jewelry and Swarovski jewelry such a success. Swarovski crystal has a maximum homogeneity, perfect purity and the absence of blisters. It has been responsible for incredible radiance, which is due to an excellent cut and thirty-two percent lead oxide, or two percent more than usual.
Credit for the success they have jewelry and Swarovski jewelry, it is also necessary to find the appropriate technology.
Try to buy a polished jewelry, such as those offered in many stores. If you are careful and look, you will notice that in low light conditions quickly lose their luster. This will not happen if you buy the right jewelry and Swarovski jewelry. Swarovski the different chemical coatings used to improve the surface of jewelry. In this case, coating Xilion, which ensures optimal shine.
Because the company Swarovski is constantly evolving and improving its technology production in 1956 reached an even greater luminosity crystal, which was responsible for other special finish, this time under the name AURORA BOREALIS. This coating was designed and implemented in collaboration with Christian Dior.
Swarovski organizes exhibitions. One of the latest exhibitions, jewelry on stage, had the opportunity to see and visitors to the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.
As you can see, the Swarovski všestraným leader in the market for jewelry and costume jewelry. Its activities, however, goes back much further, both in terms of cooperation on the production of daily consumer goods such as watches, handbags, glasses, home decor, binoculars, notebook, earphones, USB stick or a luxury mobile.
This is all due to the great openness to new business trends and willingness to work with many fashion designers. Not surprisingly, the major designers and fashion houses that use Swarovski jewelry, we can find such a stalwart fashion, such as Jean Paul Gaultier need, Versace, Chanell, Louis Vuitton and many others.
  On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the company was opened in Wattens Museum "Kristallwelten" in which he participated André Heller, the famous Austrian artist. In this unique multimedia show can be found not only the smallest, but the largest cut crystal ever produced. Both are found in the Guinness Book of Records. While he has a great 31,000 carats and its weight exceeds 61 kilograms, the little fellow has a diameter of less than a millimeter, more precisely, 0.8 mm.

Thanks, Daniel! - 4 part
Today, jewelry and Swarovski jewelry manufactured in 40 countries and their production contributes nearly 1700 workers. Development of new jewelery deals with the development department of over 600 employees. Production facilities from which the whole world to receive jewelry and Swarovski jewelry, is almost entirely his own production.
Swarovski Group over the years has grown to massive proportions. Swarovski Name and has long been synonymous not only for jewelry and jewelry. As we already said, its activities are spread evenly between the beauty and aesthetic, which clearly represent just jewelry and jewelry and the practicality and functionality of which represent the above-mentioned crystal chandeliers, smoothly transiting through the goggles, binoculars, lights, computers, keyboards and mobile phones to the usb stick or headphones. There everywhere, the company has to offer Swarovski, where all is welcome and requested. Not surprisingly, the main Rockefeller Center skyscraper is decorated with crystals was a star from Swarovski. Neither the fact that the annual big attractions, lights up the Christmas tree in New York, for five years without Swarovski can not do, is definitely overlooked.
If you now look back back, we see an incredibly long and successful journey Swarovski, on which was the beginning of the young Czech enthusiasts, manufacturers jewelery, Daniel Swarovski. Left than in the spirit of thanks: "Thanks, Daniel." 


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